Lorenzo Papace

Art director, Film maker & Music composer

This site is under construction. THE OLD VERSIonis available here

Hi! My name is Lorenzo, welcome to my site. Here I’ll share with you my artwork and my passions. Fabricating meangingful things is one of the most satisfying activites. And if they’re meaningful for me, they might be meaningful for you too. Among them:


  • Exploring & Discovering
  • Creating
  • Interacting & Learning
  • Raising consciousness &
  • Fighting
  • Storytelling


Creativity is really the foundation of my work. This does not only consist of imagining different universes and stories, but also developping tools, know-how, and skills to give life to the most extravagant ideas!


Photography, “painting with light” is a truly fascinating technique. For me, this passion was born the day that I learned to print my own photos at school. Since that moment, I never travel without my films by my side.

Art Direction

I’m drawn to numerous disciplines and I want to know the intricacies of how they all work, in practical terms. Naturally I concieve my projects in their entirety, as a total artwork, with a look which covers the whole creative spectrum.


Video has thoroughly interested me  since my childhood, probably because of it’s infinite possibilites to tell stories. It is composed of many arts that come together, such as music, architecture, etc. Video also allows teamwork, opportunities to meet other people via documentaries.


Patience, precision, perseverance… Animation is a demanding art! But that’s why it is beautiful, and nothing can replace the magic of objects taking life on screen.

Paper Art

I fell in love with this material, that now accompagnies me in almost all of my creative works. Find out more about my love story with paper here (under constuction).


I started playing piano at 4 years of age, music is part and parcel of my life. I am fortunate to participate in the adventure that is the group Ödland since 2008. My inspirations lie in acoustic, classical and folk music.


Painting is another captivating way to play with colours and light, and also to have fun on large surfaces! Being capable of painting colourful backgrounds is also an advantage that brings character and charm to photo projects, videos, animation and stage design.


Design and architecture were among the subjects I studied in Higher Education in Applied Arts. These subjects allowed me to link art and engineering, and also constraint and expression. This prepared me to meet client’s demands and to adapt to numerous different projects and specialised teams.


Whether it is letting your imagination run wild, drafting, documenting or communicating images that you have in your head, the skecthbook is always a loyal compagnon. I sketch often, not only for pleasure, but also because it is an irreplaceable skill for all creative projects.

Freelance artist since 2008


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